Little Friends: D&C 50 Activity Mat

This is a mat intended to be used with playdough to create the word “Edify”. The mat needs to be printed on legal paper (8.5×14). *Don’t have playdough: Use yard, string, shoelaces, etc to create the letters. *Another idea: Use Duplo blocks and talk about building up I love the definition of this word andContinue reading “Little Friends: D&C 50 Activity Mat”

Older Friends: D&C 49 Activity Mat

These are just fantastic for those older kids that are in between child and teenager. I have found the best time for my family to do scripture study is at the table right after dinner and these serve as a “placemat” that they can do while waiting for everyone else to be done eating. TheseContinue reading “Older Friends: D&C 49 Activity Mat”